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How to Make Mini Booklets

Making mini photo books can be the perfect way to share some of your favorite memories with those near and dear to you. A tiny photo book from a vacation shared together serves as a great reminder of how much fun you had and how many more memories may be in the wings. Mini photo booklets also work great as grandparent gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and for so many other creative ways to show someone you care.

3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

The coming of spring brings about many changes. Along with warmer weather comes the motivation for us to get up and get going on our ever-growing to-do lists. It’s an opportunity to clear both your mind and your home, hitting the refresh button as we move into a busy time of year.

5 Apps to Edit High Quality Photos for Your Photo Book

You’ve decided on creating a custom and personal photo book—Now what? It’s time to choose your best photos to add. When creating a photo book, it’s important to choose photos of high quality. Nowadays, you can edit photos from your smartphone just like a professional, and with hundreds of editing apps, it’s easy to be unsure which ones enhance and which ones compromise the quality of your photos. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite IOS and Android friendly apps for you to use.