Our Favorite Travel Photo Books 2019

Our Favorite Travel Photo Books 2019

Summer is here again, and with it, adventure! Hopefully you had time to plan a vacation this year, because you’re going to love our new travel photo books we’ve released.

Whether you’re headed to a tropical, bustling city, or scenic nature destination, Mixbook has a variety of options to match the adventure you’ve chosen. With layouts, backgrounds, and stickers all customizable, you could even compile multiple vacations in one album.

These are our favorite picks for your travel and summer photo books.

The Best Travel Photo Books

Road Trip Adventures by bobo design studio

Who loves grabbing some snacks, making a new playlist, and hitting the road? Well if you’re a road trip warrior, you’ll find our new Road Trip Adventures by bobo design studio the perfect photo book theme to tell your story.

With hand-illustrated stickers and quotes like “Home is Where You Park It”, this book is ready to be filled with your road trip photos and stories. This photo book theme even comes with a map of the U.S. that you can draw your journey on.

Live Colorfully by Matt Crump

If you haven’t heard of Matt Crump, do you even Instagram? He’s one of Time Magazine’s top 50 Instagrammers and has coined the design style called “Candy Minimal”. His gorgeous pastel skies, vibrant photography, and cheeky personality translated into one of our most fun photo book themes.

California Dreaming by Hello!Lucky

Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway up and down the California coast? You could spend weeks in California and have the best time! We promise to not be biased but living in California, we’re spoiled with surf, sand, snow and scenic views all over!

Whether you’re snapping photos of celebrities in Hollywood, walking across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or enjoying a glass (or two) of wine in Napa, our California Dreaming photo book theme has the most beautiful illustrations by designers Hello!Lucky to narrate your trip.

Ombre Summer by Oh Joy!

One of our favorite photo books from our Oh Joy! for Mixbook collection is the Ombre Summer photo book! Fit for a colorful summer recap, this photo book theme has a beautiful pastel ombre colors scheme and cute, colorful stickers.

Ombre Summer is perfect for beach trips, family gatherings, and baby’s first vacation recaps!

Editable International

If you’re planning an exotic vacation thousands of miles away, Editable International is a great theme to highlight international journeys. It’s our take on the modern day globetrotter! Include anecdotes from your trip to remember all the special moments from your destination adventure.

Editable International is laid out to fit multi-city/country destinations. So don’t be afraid to use all the photos you took. There’s plenty of room and no photo should be left out!

Wanderlust by Bobo Design

Bobo Design Studio created a super fun and edgy travel photo book theme, perfect for the younger travelers. With hand-illustrated sayings and icons, these simple black and white scrapbook-esque designs complement your photos without overpowering the story.

Some of our favorite punny stickers from this design include: “Seas the Day”, “Take A Hike”, and “Suns out, Buns out!”

Tropical Travel by Black Lamb Studio

Cheeky, tropical, and oh-so-cute, Tropical Travel by Black Lamb Studio will make you smile with every page turn. Full of bright and playful art, bring your tropical adventure to life with monstera leaves, pineapples, and flamingo floaties.

J'adore Paris by Molly Hatch

Traveling to the city of love? Say “Bonjour!” to J’adore Paris by Molly Hatch! Molly Hatch included the most Paris-chic patters and illustrations that fit the beautiful city’s sights. You’ll fall in love all over again once you create your Paris photo book.

Molly’s art reminds us of a serene Parisian afternoon full of coffee, baked goods, and European culture.

Full Photo Travel

If you’re not a fan of backgrounds and art in your photo books, Full Photo Travel is a good choice to really highlight only your photos. This theme features minimal text and layouts focused on showcasing your best vacation photos. You’ll always have the ability to add more text and graphics if you’d like, but if you’re looking for a simple theme that gets the job done, check out Full Photo Travel.

Travel Photo Journal by Oh Joy!

Oh Joy! designed a Travel Photo Journal full of cute travel stickers and textured backgrounds. Play with luggages, stamps, camera, pins, and more to frame your summer snapshots. There’s space for small text boxes. for destination labels or dates, so this theme isn’t as text heavy as others we may have.

We always love how the Oh Joy! team captures happiness in their designs.

Minimalist National Parks

Does the sound of a babbling brook excite you? Enjoy the fresh smell of pine? Don’t mind starting your own campfires? Well sounds like you’re a nature nut so you’d love our Minimalist National Parks photo book theme. We’ve designed a great theme for the avid hiker and nature enthusiast.

Include the length and elevation of your hikes and photos of your favorite outdoor finds. We’re craving s’mores already!

Rainbow Travel Scrapbook By The House that Lars Built

A gorgeous, textured rainbow cover design is the perfect start to your colorful adventures! This travel photo book was designed with traditional scrapbook elements like washi tape graphics, notepad paper backgrounds, and hand-painted textures to give it that authentic journal feel. With a touch of rainbow color palettes, The House That Lars Built makes scrapbooking a real modern adventure.

No matter where you venture to this summer, Mixbook has the perfect photo book theme to take your vacation memories to the next level. You can even invite friends and family to join in on the fun of building your photo book using our Collaborate feature located in My Projects, just to the right of your project.

We can’t wait to live vicariously through all your great summer photos! Have a blast and don’t forget to check out all our amazing travel albums themes here.

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