How to Announce a Christmas Baby on Social Media

How to Announce a Christmas Baby on Social Media

Creative Christmastime Baby Announcements on Social Media

The most wonderful time of the year is even more special when you're welcoming a new addition to your family - and sharing it with friends and family on social media is the perfect way to kick off the season's celebrations.

The key: getting creative, whether you hire a photographer or you snap the photos yourself.

5 Creative Christmastime Baby Announcements on Social Media

Outside of spectacular photo birth announcement cards, which you'll send to family and friends shortly after your little one makes a grand entrance, the best way to let your extended network know you're expecting or that you've had your baby is through social media.


Here are our favorite ways for announcing Baby at Christmas.

1. The Snowman Family

Using tiny, pint-sized snowballs, create a snowball family and line them up against a dark wall for contrast. Label each with a family member's name - Dad, Mom, and Baby. (If you have other kids, put their tiny snowmen in age order between Dad and the new baby.) Snap a photo and run it through your favorite editing app to make sure it's clear or to add labels there. 

2. Baby + Ornaments + Lights = Adorable Announcement

We've all seen Pinterest fails like these, but thanks to digital cameras, you get as many tries as you need to pull off the perfect shot. Grab the cutest elf outfit you can find and surround your little one with presents, Christmas lights and ornaments, or carefully place the baby in a festively decorated hat box and snap away!

3. Highlight the Season and the Big Event

Announce your pregnancy by donning a red sweater and wrapping lit Christmas lights around your midsection - the bigger your baby bump is, the better. Get photos at belly-level - no faces. It can be pretty tricky to get the holiday bulbs to shine in the photo, so this one might be best-left to the professionals.


4. Set a Wintry Scene

Use a fireplace and other cheery winter props, like hot cocoa mugs and toasted marshmallows, to set the scene for this Christmas baby announcement. Try a few poses that show off your belly, such as sitting cross-legged and sideways in front of the fire, to create an elegant scene your friends and family will love.

5. Write in the Snow

This is definitely a DIY project for moms- and dads-to-be: Write the word "Love" in the snow and make the letter V with two baby shoes, heels touching each other.

Announcing Baby's Impending Arrival Near Christmas: Creating the Perfect Photo Announcement

If you know whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, you can narrow your search for the perfect Christmastime baby announcement (check out Mixbook's boys' birth announcements and girls' birth announcements for inspiration). You can choose the right announcement based on your personality and personal style.

Not sure what style is right for you? Figure out which type of birth announcement you should use here.

How did you announce your pregnancy or your baby's birth on social media at Christmastime? We'd love to hear your story, so please share it in the comments to inspire other soon-to-be parents!


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